1. Are DREAM ON WALLS products re-positionable and re-usable?

Ans. DREAM ON WALLS products are not re-positionable, our products can be removed easily but they are not re-useable.

2. Where can I use my DREAM ON WALLS Decals/ Sticker?

Ans. Your DREAM ON WALLS Decals/ Sticker can be used on walls and any smooth, flat surface like windows, mirrors, doors etc. They can be used in any living space and look great in offices, salons, spa’s, restaurants etc. But make sure the surface is clean and dry, No seepage should be there.

3. Can my DREAM ON WALLS Decals/Sticker be used on wall paper or textured wall?

Ans. Unfortunately DREAM ON WALLS Decals/Sticker cannot go on wall paper or textured wall due to the fact that the transfer vinyl would not stick to the wall paper or textured wall.

4. How do I apply my DREAM ON WALLS Decals/Sticker?

Ans. Please visit Installation link for full information. For more complicated designs we provide application instructions with your Decals/sticker and of course basic application instructions are on the back of all our packaging.

5. I’ve just painted my wall can I use this?

Ans. We advise that you wait at least 2-3 weeks before applying any DREAM ON WALLS products to painted walls.

6. If I remove my DREAM ON WALLS product will it damage the Walls?

Ans. As long as great care is taken when removing stickers, then DREAM ON WALLS products should not cause any major damage. However the product is provided on the basis that you may have to touch-up areas of paintwork after removal. DREAM ON WALLS cannot be held responsible for any damage to paint work when you are removing DREAM ON WALLS products.

7. How long will my DREAM ON WALLS product last on the Wall/Surface for?

Ans. It will last a minimum of 3 – 5 years. We advise that once you have received your DREAM ON WALLS product, it should be applied within couple of months from date of purchase.

8. Can I return the product if I am not satisfied or just don’t like it?

Ans. Unfortunately , we do not provide refunds or returns based on the above, since most of our designs are made to order. You can e-mail us if you would like any advice or clarification before purchasing. However, if the product is received and in anyway damaged on delivery, please return it in the packaging, in the state it was received and after assessment we will send a replacement. Please contact us prior to doing this.

9. Can I order a custom made design?

Ans. Yes we offer customization as well. You can mail us your requirement at sales@dreamonwalls.in. Our Representative will get in touch with you in two business days.

10. Can I buy wholesale from Dream On Walls?

Ans. Yes you can. Please click on Bulk Buying for more information and you can mail us your requirement at sales@dreamonwalls.in

11. Can I feature my applied DREAM ON WALLS Product on your website?

Ans. we’d love to see your applied DREAM ON WALLS product. If you would like to have your photo(s) featured on our website please email it to: support@dreamonwalls.in. By submitting your photo to us you give us the right to use it in: websites, advertisements, magazines, newspapers, packaging or any other media, without any compensation.

Still have queries, please write us at support@dreamonwalls.in